2014x CCC IMG_2650“We explored movement in many different ways with Amber. At the start, André and I were skeptical, “rolling on the floor” can help us improve our Standard dancing? Amber guided us through the discovery of our bodies’ functional anatomy and the power of re-patterning. Our balance classes were a revelation. We had never thought that we would feel such a radical change in our bodies, all with the least effort possible! Thank you Amber. You gave us a second wind in our growth as dancers.”

Suzanne Murray & André LaPlante
Canadian Amateur Standard Champions                          


jean-irina“If you want to take the guessing out of your dancing, Amber’s Mind-Body Ballroom classes are just the thing for you! Working with Amber, I am getting a deeper understanding and knowledge of “why” and “how” of every movement, where movement is initiated and how it is performed most efficiently and beautifully without injuring yourself. I am more in tune with my body, which helps to make my dancing more natural, more organic.

The knowledge that I am getting is not merely notional, it is very much applied to the concrete steps in my dance routines. Having that knowledge has helped my partner and me to figure out the problems with, and significantly improve, some of the steps and figures, like pivots, fleckerl, fallaway etc.

I am very excited to learn more with Amber and become a better dancer!”

Irina Koulaev
Amateur Standard Competitor      


carna-pic-1_square-crop“This program has helped me immensely to have a more joyful emotional experience while dancing. Instead of pushing myself forward on a mental level, I learned to relax and let movement happen from the core of my body. This feels so much better and helped me gain confidence in competitions. Amber is a wonderful teacher: gentle, clear, and very knowledgeable.”


Carna Zacharias-Miller
Pro-Am Silver Rhythm & Smooth Competitor


“With my background and experience in nursing, I understand the connection between mind and body, however, I had never applied its principles before. After applying it to my dancing, it has been a game-changer.”

Karen Stepan
Pro-Am Silver Rhythm & Smooth Competitor


“I had wanted to work with Amber for several years when she was teaching ballroom.  When she announced that she was specializing in body awareness for ballroom dancers, I was intrigued and curious how she might be able to help me.  I had no idea that our work together would have such a positive impact on my confidence (both on and off the dance floor).  

Through her body awareness techniques I have become aware of my body in ways I never imagined.  I am aware of how it reacts to the stress and excitement of competing and how I can channel the energy so that I can focus, relax and have fun on the dance floor.  Thanks to my work with Amber, I am improving by leaps and bounds and having the time of my life!”  

Sandra S.
Pro-Am Bronze Rhythm & Smooth Competitor  


“When an enthusiast of ballroom dance reaches a certain level, it is necessary to correct postures, movements, positions. With her experience in dance and her skills in movement, Amber helped me to understand how some of my muscles work and how to use them correctly, at the right time.  Amber also gave me some tricks to help me relax in competition. Her advice has helped me to have a better frame, continuity between movements and especially, more enjoyment dancing in a competitive context.”

Jean Robitaille
Pro-Am Bronze Rhythm & Smooth Competitor